CTS becomes registered with Achilles


Our list of credentials keeps growing with the recent addition of Achilles registration. Achilles is a leading provider of supplier risk management services. They deliver managed supplier pre-qualification programmes, carry out industry audits, mitigate risks, cleanse supplier data and provide reports and analysis to drive continuous improvement.

Achilles may manage, validate and monitor millions of pieces of data but their mission is simple – to deliver commercial benefits, business intelligence and confidence to both buyers and suppliers.
What makes Achilles unique is their global communities of buyers and suppliers, who work together to reduce time and effort in pre-qualification and sourcing. CTS is now a registered member of that community.

Through rigorous assessment, Achilles has officially certified that we’ve achieved the required standards of Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality practices and procedures. CTS is now fully registered as a supplier on UVDB for the following products/services:

• 2.6.42 Logistical Services
• 2.7.5 Removal/Relocation Services
• 2.8.5 Courier Services
• 2.8.6 Transportation Services
• 2.8.38 Transport of Radioactive Waste
• 3.54.11 Cargo Securing & Protection & Handling Products
• 4.7.9 Radioactive Waste Management Services

We’re delighted to be able to have passed this audit, allowing CTS to be included on the globally renowned Achilles Register of utilities.