Defence Logistics

CTS has 20 years defence logistics experience making us the ideal global logistics specialist for your military & government shipments.

With 20 years defence logistics experience, you are guaranteed that CTS recognises the specialist security and safety requirements that regulate the government sites, the transportation and the types of goods that the military need to move.

This awareness and experience coupled with our regular presence at military sites throughout the UK and Europe ensures our knowledge of the current threat levels, procedures and protocols remains relevant and up-to-date.

We also work hard to:

  • Offer a rapid-response service so we can act quickly and cost effectively
  • Use our expertise to avoid unnecessary delays or complications, alerts or security/compliancy breaches
  • Maintain a low profile at all times

In addition:

  • CTS staff are security cleared by the UK Government and authorised to transport Section 5 weapons, ammunition and security sensitive consignments
  • All drivers (a number of whom are ex-military) are security trained and ADR qualified for the transportation of UN Class 1 explosives and UN Class 7 radioactive material
  • Every CTS vehicle is specified to safety requirements of EX TYPE II/III for the carriage of explosives
  • CTS offers single and double manned vehicles

Find out more about our defence logistics services and international freight forwarding of dangeorus goods by contacting us today.