As part of our mission to become a carbon neutral logistics company, CTS is proud to announce the addition of four electric vehicles to its existing fleet.

CTS are proud to announce that we have taken another significant stride towards our mission of carbon neutrality with the introduction of 4  electric vehicles to the fleet. Three Mercedes Vitos and one Sprinter arrived in late March to complement the existing fleet, furthering our commitment towards an environmentally sustainable logistics industry.

As a core focus for the business, we’re continuously evaluating ways to expedite our transition to sustainability. Nick Collins, CTS Managing Director, commented “It’s great to see the progress we’re making towards our sustainability goals, something that’s always top of mind from the Board right the way throughout the business. The addition of these vehicles is a valuable component part of this, meaning we’re also able to help reduce our client’s emissions in their supply chain – something we’re passionate about. We look forward to continually evolving the part we plan in a carbon-reduced logistics industry”.

We plan to add more EVs over the coming months, as well as transition across to biofuel for other vehicles in the fleet, further decreasing our carbon footprint and paving the way to sustainability for the logistics industry.

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