Air Cargo Charter Services

Bespoke air transportation, complete with necessary regulatory approval

For the transportation of high value, dangerous goods or sensitive shipments

In addition to scheduled air freight services, CTS offers air cargo charter services for the transportation of dangerous goods, sensitive shipments and goods of a high-value.

We specialise in air charter services for the Government and defence sector, but we can also service the requirements of commercial organisations.

Use our air cargo charter services if you need to ship:

  • Outsize cargo – e.g. vehicles, tanks, power generation equipment
  • Time critical / Urgent ‘Go-Now’ charters – e.g. military spares
  • Cargo required for special events – e.g. motorsports
  • Cargo not suitable for a scheduled service – weapons and munitions

You may also need to utilise aircraft charter services if there is no capacity for your cargo on scheduled services, or scheduled services do not have the correct aircraft equipment.

Air freight charter services are most suited to the following industries:

  • Major sporting events – e.g. horse racing, motorsports, Olympic Games
  • Engineering – Outsize and heavy cargo such equipment used in the energy and Petrochemical industries
  • Retail – To fulfil high-value/high-demand orders during busy shopping periods (e.g. launch of latest games console or mobile phone)
  • Manufacturing – Parts required for production line stop
  • Government & MOD – Weapons and munitions need to be moved either after purchase or to supply an operational exercise. For example, missiles are ‘forbidden, forbidden’ hazardous which means they can fly, but only with special permission that scheduled airlines won’t request

Not only is CTS a Regulated Agent, but we also boast our own IATA and Regulated Agent approved screening and secure storage facility.

As a Regulated Agent, CTS has passed the stringent CAA Security Audit, enabling us to process air cargo to meet all EC aviation security regulations. Discover more about our Regulated Agent services here.

CTS’ 30,000sq. ft screening and secure storage facility comprises two dual-view X-ray machines, capable of screening freight up to 180cm wide x 180cm tall.

We also work hard to:

In addition:

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A 3PL company: our main services comprise road, air and sea freight as well as secure warehousing and screening services. In addition, CTS also project manages complicated international moves for UK and overseas government departments, holds Regulated Agent status and is a member of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

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