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IATA and Regulated Agent approved air freight services

Being fully registered with the IATA European Air Cargo Programme allows us to negotiate best air freight forwarding rates on your behalf and book air cargo directly with over 200 scheduled airlines.

CTS has full IATA intermediary status meaning we can book your air freight directly with over 200 scheduled airlines. CTS also holds accounts with charter brokers, allowing us to find and book charter aircraft at short notice when scheduled services are unsuitable.

Our Regulated Agent Screener status not only enables CTS to transport and store your Secure ‘known’ SPX cargo, but also delivers the ability to x-ray screen your Unsecure ‘unknown’ cargo ready for shipping by air; in compliance with all UK and EC aviation security legislation. Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from our Regulated Agent status here.

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We work hard to ensure our delivery of services and solutions are aligned with CTS’ founding values: excellence, adaptability, strategic focus and integrity.

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As a forward thinking company we continue to expand our core services and accreditations to ensure we offer a comprehensive service to our customers.


A 3PL company: our main services comprise road, air and sea freight as well as secure warehousing and screening services. In addition, CTS also project manages complicated international moves for UK and overseas government departments, holds Regulated Agent status and is a member of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

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