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As experts in specialist healthcare logistics, we understand that providing high quality patient care is your top priority. The safe and timely transport of your pathology and sample specimens is a critical part of that service – and that is our priority.

We work with NHS trusts, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and universities to ensure the secure and compliant collection and transportation of biological samples, including UN Class 6.2 category A and B infectious substances and UN Class 7 radioactive isotopes for cancer treatments.

Medical, health care and veterinary organisations across the UK trust CTS Logistics with their dangerous, delicate, and difficult cargo because of our caring approach, rigorous protocols, specialised equipment, sophisticated vehicles, and certified teams.

  • Medical logistics available 24/7 – CTS can transport your samples around the clock
  • Proactive communication – regular updates and support from our experienced advisors
  • Superior tracking and traceability –satellite-tracked vehicles deliver minute-by-minute progress and ensure our control centre is immediately alerted to route deviations, unplanned stops or movement outside of the defined geofenced area. In addition, all consignments can be barcoded and tracked in real time with milestone event trackability
  • Innovative temperature control technology – CTS drivers monitor the temperature of consignments via a high-performance app, receiving instant alerts when temperature of samples starts to get too hot/cold so they can intervene and resolve the issue
  • A large ADR qualified team – along with our internal dangerous goods safety advisors, our large pool of CTS drivers is security-cleared and qualified in the transportation of dangerous goods ADR UN Classes 1-9, including the carriage of infectious substances assigned to UN3373
  • Highest accreditations– certified to top standards and fully up to date with regulations for the transport of infectious substances by all modes of transport, both nationally and internationally
  • Strict compliance – samples and specimens are always carried in UN-3373 approved, security-sealed pathology bags and maintained at a consistent appropriate temperature, reported to you
  • Eco-conscious – to reduce our environmental footprint, we utilise reusable and 100% recyclable seals, which are collected and sterilised after each use

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A 3PL company: our main services comprise road, air and sea freight as well as secure warehousing and screening services. In addition, CTS also project manages complicated international moves for UK and overseas government departments, holds Regulated Agent status and is a member of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

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