Day in the life of a CTS HGV Driver

Owen is part of the driver team at CTS Logistics.

He tells us what it takes to succeed as an HGV driver in the specialist logistics sector and what he enjoys about life on the road.

How did you first get into working as an HGV driver?

“I was inspired by my ex-father-in-law, who had been a long-serving lorry driver. Becoming an HGV driver felt like an exciting and logical step to take in my career because I’ve always been so passionate about being behind the wheel.” 

Tell us about a typical working day

“I’ve been part of the driver team at CTS for nearly a year.  Every day is different but it always begins with a vehicle check. CTS transports specialised freight including Dangerous Goods (UN Hazardous Classes 1-9 such as explosives and radioactive material), sensitive and prohibited items to clients’ sites, so we always adhere to ADR legislation and work in accordance with strict daily schedules and a security plan.

“Some days you can be doing multiple collections and deliveries, others can be spent traveling to a single location. Occasionally, I’ll drive to different countries and it can mean that I’m away from home for a few days, so it helps that I have an understanding partner. 

“On a long-haul trip, two of us will double-man the HGV, taking it in turns with driving to our destination, as well as collection and delivery of goods in the same area. Either we’ll stay overnight in hotel accommodation or find a spot to park and rest for the night before the return journey back to CTS HQ.

What are your key responsibilities?

“Carrying out daily visual vehicle checks, making sure the cargo on board the vehicle is safe, secure collection and timely delivery.

“We’re always striving for excellence and do everything we can to make sure the client is happy with the quality of service provided by CTS. I am one of the many drivers representing the business and I take immense pride in being part of that team.” 

Which aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

“There’s a sense of adventure that you don’t get in all jobs. I’m glad I get the opportunity to travel to many sites across the UK, Ireland and in Europe. Some of the scenery I’ve seen when I stop to take a break is stunning.

“The support and camaraderie of my team is brilliant. I always know they’re willing to give advice, help and support when needed.”

Did you need to do any specialist training to become an HGV driver and move shipments for CTS?

“Obviously, I had to have an HGV licence and plenty of experience of driving a HGV. The other requirements were up to date CPC and ADR training. Good knowledge of the Tacho rules and the Highway Code are also necessary.”

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Describe the ideal qualities of an HGV driver

“You must have a cool head and the ability to work under pressure, as well as being quick thinking and flexible when unexpected situations arise and your original plan needs adjustment. A good sense of direction and excellent map reading skills are vital, of course. 

“An interest in automotive helps with understanding the size and capability of your vehicle. Last but not least, even though we are doing extremely serious work, a sense of humour helps deal with the long hours spent on the road alone or with your cab mate.”

Share your advice for someone looking to become an HGV driver

“Embrace the variety, new locations and scenery. Us HGV drivers are lucky bunch! Stay calm and collected under pressure – you’ve got this, and your team has your back. Yours might be the biggest vehicle on the road but it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. 

“Get comfortable in your own company and make sure your partner accepts that you might be away for days at a time – but absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 


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