Day in the life of a CTS Lead Security Driver & Driver Trainer

Colin is a CTS veteran and heads up our team of specialist security drivers, as well as training a new generation of talent, ready for the road ahead, in the CTS Driver Academy.

What did you do before joining CTS?

“My previous career was in the military. I gained an HGV driving licence whilst in the forces and enjoyed the driving element so much that I decided to make a career change into specialist logistics.

“I joined CTS in 2006, where I drive dangerous, delicate and difficult cargo across the UK and Europe, as well as leading our brilliant team of drivers – and helping to train up a few new ones, too.”

Describe a typical working day

“Any driver will tell you; no two days are the same – and that’s what makes it so exciting. One day, you’ll be driving a HGV, the next – a 7.5T or a van. You’ll travel to various locations across the country and into Europe. It’s incredibly rare to ever have a déjà vu moment!

“Some weeks, I may be needed to be away from home for up to five nights in a row, but other days I’m home for tea. CTS delivers delicate, dangerous and difficult goods, so the routine is not always predictable for me and the other drivers.”

Tell us about your key responsibilities

“People describe me as the fount of all knowledge when it comes to driving, and as Lead Driver I take immense pride in that.

“When CTS gets a new customer or specialist logistics assignment, I’ll always be involved from the outset because I have so much expertise that I am only too glad to share with my colleagues. My length of service and dedication to the organisation plays a huge part – but it also boils down to trust.”

Which aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

Being part of a company with such a prestigious reputation in specialist logistics, one that is chosen time, and time again, by defence and government departments that require the absolute highest levels of confidence and security.

“Driving all over the country and continent has allowed me to see some beautiful sights, too.”

“My role as a driver trainer gives me the privilege of passing my knowledge and expertise on to less experienced drivers. The UK logistics industry desperately needs more HGV drivers, so I am happy to be contributing to replenishing the supply of highly skilled experts at CTS.”

What qualities are required to succeed as a security driver?

“Resilience is a characteristic you build in the military. It stands you in good stead for the fast-paced world of specialist logistics and the movement of  dangerous, delicate and difficult cargo. Common sense is critical – you can’t miss a single beat or drop the ball.

“Patience allows you to enjoy long-haul trips and confidence helps deal with unforeseen circumstances when out on the road. We work as a team, sometimes in double-crewed vehicles, so you need a spirit of comradeship to get the job done efficiently.”

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Did you need to do any specialist training to become a driver for CTS?

“I hold a category C + E HGV licence, which is the most comprehensive HGV licence you can hold. With this licence, drivers can drive and handle a drawbar or articulated vehicle up to or over 750kg in weight, including a double trailer.

“Due to the nature of what I am driving from A to B, I need ADR – all classes, as well as radioactive and dangerous goods training. Sometimes we use specialist equipment such as a side loader, so I’ve also completed additional courses in areas like this so I can transport containers.”

Share your advice for someone looking to enter a driving career in logistics

“You must seriously enjoy driving, as silly as that might sound! If new routes, traffic jams, weather changes and the bad driving of some other road users gets on your nerves, then this won’t be the job for you.

“Be aware of overnight stays. To people who don’t have much support at home or lack flexibility when it comes to commitments outside work, I’d say think carefully about joining. Things change all the time and you must be prepared to embrace the spontaneity and variety.”


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