Multi-agency Nuclear training exercise

Working cross-agency to ensure the highest standards of safety and security in Nuclear logistics

The transportation of high-consequence, hazardous materials can only be done if every eventuality is planned and meticulously catered for. That’s why we relish taking part in simulations and exercises to test ourselves and others as thoroughly as possible to ensure we’re 100% prepared at all times.

We’re extremely proud to be supporting the UK’s Nuclear sector, and the safety of it, through our partnership with Magnox Ltd. As part of this CTS recently took part in a high-consequence training exercise to ensure the preparedness of all parties, working in unison with the Avon and Somerset emergency services, Gloucester Constabulary, RADSAFE, and Magnox Ltd. The exercise provided a very real simulation and it was a privilege to be involved in a multi-agency response with such professionalism and rigour.

These training exercises are an integral part of our stringent processes, which utilise an abundance of internal resources. Without them, we would not be prepared for all possible outcomes, the consequences of which would be very significant. We take these exercises as seriously as we do a live transport of hazardous materials, upholding our excellent reputation in the dangerous goods logistics space. 


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