Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Maximise protection for your high-value export goods with our bespoke packaging solutions

Ensuring your delicate goods, such as scientific instruments and calibration tools, arrive at their final destination in one piece is paramount.  Your shipments are always in the safest of hands with CTS, but if your packaging isn’t adequate, your cargo could be damaged in transit, regardless.

Complementing our global forwarding services, CTS offers bespoke packaging solutions. We can design and produce highly protective industrial packing containers, custom-built for exporting your high-value, low-volume goods, worldwide.  Combining our global forwarding and bespoke packaging solutions delivers you the reassurance that your exports have the utmost protection.

In addition, we offer the benefit of quick lead times and specialise in ‘Just-in-time’ packaging production which means you can place small orders as and when you need to, reducing your storage costs and enhancing cash flow.

Who wouldn’t consider our value engineering services if we were able to reduce costs and improve time efficiencies throughout your entire logistics supply chain? 

Furthermore, if you export the same goods on a regular basis,  why not utilise our value engineering services to ensure your packaging is best designed?  How will this help your organisation? Improving packaging design can potentially reduce costs and increase time efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain – here’s how:

  • Minimise production costs – use our expertise to ensure you are using the most cost effective packaging materials that still deliver maximum protection for your goods
  • Reduce shipping costs – well thought out designs for your packaging can ensure you minimise space wastage in shipping containers
  • Eliminate waste disposal costs – if your current export packaging incurs waste disposal charges we can select the right materials and remove this unnecessary expense
  • Increase the productivity of your production lines – we can deliver packaging solutions that can cut minutes off the time it takes to pack your goods

How could your company benefit from our bespoke packaging solutions? Talk to our Global Forwarding department today on 0118 970 0179 (Option 2)  to discuss your requirements in more detail.