Day in the life of our Manager for People & Culture at CTS

Dawn is the Manager of People & Culture at CTS Logistics.

Excellence, adaptability, integrity and strategic focus are the values that underpin everything CTS does and Dawn helps champion those values through recruitment, onboarding, training and development of our people.

What did you do before joining CTS?

“I used to work for a large charity which supported young people with severe autism but previously worked in logistics circa 2008. Having really enjoyed my time in that industry, I knew I wanted to return. I was thrilled to be offered the role of Manager of People and Culture to support, guide and mentor our team and to assist in the development and upskilling to ensure our colleagues feel valued and recognised.”

Describe a typical working day

“People and company culture are always evolving so there is no typical day and this is a job with many facets. What’s more, people are a vital part of every single aspect of this business, so there are many projects I need to be involved in.”

Tell us about your key responsibilities

“Insightful recruitment, to make sure CTS hires the best talent with a good personality fit. Onboarding, so that our people understand the rigours and importance of our processes from day one. Also, training and development to build on the expertise in every department so that CTS – and every person that works here – performs to the utmost potential. I support the business in all these ways and more.”

Which aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

“One of the aspects of my job that I love the most is the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of different activities. By supporting the wider team, I get to know so much about all our departments and the interesting work they do. My own learning and development are constant – and I take pride in helping make sure that is the case for all staff here.

“I collaborate with a fantastic team who are always passionate about CTS and what we do. Meeting candidates who want to become a part of that culture and watching them succeed, learn and grow is a massive privilege.”

What qualities do you think it takes to work in a role like yours?

“You have to be focused and engaged – the specialist logistics industry is dynamic so you must stay switched on. The courage and confidence to step outside your comfort zone in order to support the team is everything. We all roll our sleeves up and get stuck in because we have to get things done right, every time.

“Challenges arise, as in every workplace, so it’s crucial to show resilience – and be dependable under pressure.”

Did you need to do any specialist training to work at CTS?

“Like all staff members at CTS, I have completed a full induction programme in order to understand the complexities of the industry we operate in. Because I am recruiting for specialist security drivers and helping manage their employment here at CTS, I have also done training in vehicle familiarisation and cargo security.”

Share your advice for someone looking to enter a career in logistics

“Just because you’ve never worked in logistics before, don’t think you can’t make the move. I had many transferable skills that I have been able to bring to the role and build upon.

“Expect the unexpected – and join with career in mind, not just a job. Specialist logistics is demanding but it’s always rewarding to see what we can achieve together.”

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